Make The Right Decision

There are two methods you can implement to stream live.  The first is using your computer, and this may not be the best solution for your circumstances.  While you can stream using the built-in camera on your pc or laptop, there are limitations.  These limitations are obvious and restrict the field of view to generally very close quarters if you are using your built in camera.

If you plan on using an external video surce than you will also need a video capture card.  That is unless you use a Mac.  Mac users have a couple of advantages in captureing live video, and those are firewire connectvity, eliminating the need of a video capture card, and an AAC audio codec which is required to stream to mobile devices.  While uusing a computer to stream is one solution it is not the only solution, and using a device like the Live Shell or Live Shell Pro may be best, depening upon your circumstance.


There are a great range of cameras that you can use in streaming your event(s).  This can range from your standard definition(SD) to High Definition (HD). The most important factors are the connectivity between your camera and the method you choose tstream with. Each camera will have video out ports and these range from conposite connections, to HDMI, to firewire.  Depending upon which method you choose to stream with, and the laptop you use, this choice will become easy to make.


In the best of all worlds the easiest and most effective way to stream is using a device called the Live Shell Pro.   Using the latest video and audio compression technologies, LIveShell PRO offers High quality live broadcasting encoded in H.264+AAC, with a resolution of 720p and a bitrate that can go up to 10Mbs. H.264 profile can be set to 3 different types; high profile, main profile and baseline profile. With LiveShell PRO your audience becomes wider as broadcasting can now be done on iOS devices, in addition to computers and Android devices.  Depending upon your specific ciorcumstance, the Live Shell Pro may me the best solution on the market today.